Enstaved is a 7 year (and running) journey, started by co-founders James Stewart (Technologist) and Ben Woodhouse (Industrial Designer) - aiming to revolutionise the way fans express their passions.

You see, we had a hunch that fandoms across all corners of pop-culture were being limited to collecting vinyl figurines that collect dust on a shelf...and that they weren't being able to express their passions with the enthusiasm they desired. We knew we could shake things up.

There have always been three words at the core of our vision: Modular, Customizable, Portable.

We started with a few modular staff designs and quickly became a hit at pop culture conventions nationwide - with our most popular staff being the Deluxe D20 Staff of Critical Hits. Being lifelong fantasy collectors and tabletop gamers, this was no surprise!

Next, we developed an online tool to allow fans to design their own unique, modular staff by mixing and matching from a wide selection of components in various styles and designs. This allowed them to simultaneously express their passions across multiple areas of pop culture with more enthusiasm and creativity…but we had to take a step backwards so that we could charge ahead at full-steam.

We soon realized that our humble 3D print lab couldn't reach our grand vision. We had to focus on our most popular staff - the Deluxe D20 Staff of Critical Hits - and partner with Sourci, a global startup with a cutting-edge approach to product sourcing and manufacturing.

With their help, we we've able to produce the Deluxe D20 Staff of Critical Hits at scale while dramatically increasing its quality - bringing you a truly premium staff forged in a high-quality blend of glass-infused polypropylene.

We have huge plans for the future of Enstaved - and can't wait to have you join us on this journey.

Thank you to everyone for your support to date!

Happy adventuring,
Enstaved Team