Deluxe D20 Staff of Critical Hits

It doesn't provide Non-Stop Nat 20's - but we promise the look on your GM (or player's) faces will be priceless when you whip out your staff and tell them it does. 😂

On top of setting out to create an amazing collectible forged in a high-quality blend of glass-infused polypropylene... we wanted to ensure our staves are a conduit for fun, and can be happily shown off at conventions and gaming sessions all around the world!

Supported by over 800 backers.

Our Kickstarter for the Deluxe D20 Staff of Critical Hits raised nearly 300% of our initial funding goal, with TTRPG-lovers worldwide joining our quest to change the world of pop-culture collectibles!

Creator Testimonials

  • @dndhart

    "I've got to say it is incredibly cool!"

  • @eva_devore

    "It's so cool! I love how you can make it different lengths hehe"

  • @denkles

    I have to first let you all know how EXCITED I was to put it together! This staff is SO AWESOME!