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The Pythonic Staff of Enlightenment is Now on Sale and 10% Goes to the PSF!

As recounted by my co-conspirator Ben in our Origin Story it was The Pythonic Staff of Enlightenment that started us down the road to becoming Enstaved - arguably the finest purveyors of Customized Staves and Accessories on Planet Earth.

James Pythonic

This striking prop was conceived as a means of demonstrating the myriad possibilities of 3D printing to the Pythonistas who attended my PyCon AU 2016 talk Controlling a 3D Printer with Python:

I'd expected people to think The Pythonic Staff of Enlightenment was funny and cool. What I hadn't expected was for so many people to ask me where they could buy one. A seed was planted that would ultimately grow into the towering Eucalypt that Enstaved has become.

Today we're pleased to announce that Enstaved has finally come full circle after the Python Software Foundation bestowed upon us their blessing to make The Pythonic Staff of Enlightenment available for sale as part of our ever-growing range of staves.

Pythonic Staff Render

Like all of the staves in our shop, The Pythonic Staff of Enlightenment is fully customizable. That is, you can choose:

  • The colors of the top.
  • The colors, number and style of the sections.
  • The color and style of the base or endcap.

So next year for PyCon AU you might switch out the traditional blue and yellow Pythonic Staff for something a bit more regional:


Or perhaps you want a souvenir of your visit to PyCon India to stand on your desk at work:


You might even want to give a friend or loved one a gift celebrating tolerance and diversity in the Python community:


However you customize your Pythonic Staff of Enlightenment 10% of the sale price will go direct to the PSF to help them promote and foster Python development worldwide. That's something every Pythonista can get behind.

Remember that we at Enstaved shun mass-production and instead custom-manufacture each staff to your exact specifications. So if you want your Pythonic Staff of Enlightenment in time to gift to a loved one or wield at your next PyCon place your order soon to avoid disappointment.

Of course some customers go straight to the front of the queue...


James the Tech Monkey

James the Tech Monkey

As the Enstaved co-founder who knows tech, James is usually busy trying to find useful Open Source software so that he doesn't have to code it himself. But when he does hack, it's usually in Python.

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