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There's a thing in the business world called an elevator pitch, where you are given a few minutes to sell your idea to someone as comprehensively as time allows. The idea being if you get stuck in an elevator with one of the Richard Bransons or Bill Gates of the world that you can impress them so much with your idea that they'll shower you with money to make it happen.

I hate people like that, and would rather spend my time in an elevator avoiding eye contact, waiting for my floor to arrive and pondering life's mysteries (like why is the floor so sticky in here?).

So here's our elevator pitch, in a convenient and easy to bookmark format that doesn't involve anyone being stalked in public...

Enstaved is the brainchild of 2 guys – one with an idea, and one with the technical ability to make it work. The idea was born in the leadup to PyCon AU 2016. The Tech Monkey was scheduled to present a talk entitled Controlling a 3D Printer With Python and wanted an eye-catching prop that melded these two concepts.

Enter our humble Design Monkey. (Me)

My first job in the design field was for a company in New Zealand called Wingnut Wings, where I was a 3D modeller researching, designing and creating plastic model kits of WW1 aircraft. It taught me everything I know about multi part design, plus a lot of trivia about aircraft manufacture in the years 1908-1918. It also taught me a lot of complex modelling skills, which I was (unsuccessfully) at the time trying to translate into freelance work after I had moved back to Australia. So when the Tech Monkey asked me to help him design a prop for his talk I jumped at the chance to show off.

His idea was for a simple 3D printed staff with the Python logo on the top. It had to be modular, as the bed of his printer wouldn't allow for anything over 200mm high. And it had to join together somehow, as well as fit the logo on. After a bit of research to find out what the Python logo actually looked like, I came up with a few concepts:


The threaded design for the Enstaved parts was born out of that – the Tech Monkey was blown away and the first staff was a massive hit at the conference (and a few more after that):

Stage 2, and the creation of Enstaved, came about after seeing the reponse from people at the conference. In an echo of mankinds tool making evolution, we wondered “what else could we stick on the end of this thing?”

That lead to where we are today, with a whole bunch of things to stick on top of other things, and an expanding group of customers who love what we do.


Thanks for reading, I think this is my floor.

Ben (the Design Monkey)

Ben the Design Monkey

Ben the Design Monkey

World reknowned* industrial designer and self confessed geek, Ben is the design guy for Enstaved. Using his love of comics, gaming and pop culture to create the designs we sell. *(in two countries)

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